Dynamic trading platform: HKTDC’s “Hong Kong International Jewellery Show” and its concurrent “Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show” host over 4,000 exhibitors

Dynamic trading platform: HKTDC’s “Hong Kong International Jewellery Show” and its concurrent “Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show” host over 4,000 exhibitors

Dynamic trading platform: HKTDC’s “Hong Kong International Jewellery Show” and its concurrent “Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show” host over 4,000 exhibitors

The buoyant jewellery market is evident at the shows, with 36 national/regional and industry pavilions, thanks to support from global industry associations. For the first time, Malaysian companies are participating as a group. The pavilions include those from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Türkiye, South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Israel, Germany, Italy, Belgium, South Africa, Colombia, and Brazil.

Four industry organisation pavilions will return. They are: The Tanzanite Foundation; Asia Pacific Creator Association; International Colored Gemstone Association and the T-GOLD+METS pavilion, co-organised by the Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association and the Italian Exhibition Group, showcasing leading-edge jewellery manufacturing machinery and technologies.

The enthusiastic participation in the twin shows reflect optimism in global jewellery sales. In 2023, Hong Kong’s total exports of precious jewellery rebounded significantly, soaring 23 percent to HK$87.8 billion compared to 2022, and a 40 percent increase from 2019. Exports to the Mainland, the United States, and Switzerland grew by over 20 percent, 16 percent, and 82 percent respectively.

Hong Kong International Jewellery Show
Hong Kong’s premier jewellery exhibition draws more than 2,300 exhibitors from 34 countries and regions. These exhibitors present their latest designs, spanning a wide range of prices and styles, to an international audience. The show features 18 group pavilions.

Exclusive jewellers from around the world exhibit at the “Hall of Extraordinary”.

The HKTDC has meticulously organised 18 thematic zones for an exceptionally visitor-friendly experience. A highlight is the “Hall of Extraordinary,” which brings together 78 exclusive jewellers from around the globe, displaying masterpieces adorned with top-grade gemstones, diamonds, and pearls. Notably, Hatta New World Co Ltd (Booth: CEC GH-D06) displays a stunning jewellery set, valued at over HK$15 million, featuring the rare Paraiba tourmalines from Brazil in a striking blue hue.

The “Designer Galleria” exhibits trendy collections by designers, as well as culturally inspired creative designs. From Japan, Jewelry of Raden & Urushi (Booth: CEC 1CON-032) presents the Mizuhiki brooch, a testament to traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The brooch, accentuated with lacquered parts and adorned with black pearls, diamonds, and green garnet, seamlessly blends traditional design with a modern touch. Charming Jewellery from Hong Kong (Booth: CEC 1C-A36) showcases its “La broderie” collection, a tribute to China’s UNESCO-designated intangible cultural heritage of embroidery. The collection features exquisite pieces that combine handcrafted silk embroideries of butterflies, dragonflies, and orchids by Hong Kong’s master embroiderers, with gold designs studded with gemstones and diamonds, demonstrating exceptional craftsmanship and design flair.

The “Hall of Fame” spotlights renowned international brands, including Italy’s Giorgio Visconti, Hong Kong’s Chete, Spain’s Carrera Y Carrera, and mainland China’s Lao Feng Xiang. The “World of Glamour” offers an international showcase of the finest offerings from Hong Kong’s jewellers.
Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show
At the AsiaWorld-Expo, this show is staged where precious gemstones dazzle. The show, divided into 11 curated zones, presents top-tier white and coloured diamonds, high-end gemstones, and rare pearls from around the globe. Notable sections include the “Hall of Fine Diamond,” “Treasures of Nature,” and “Treasures of Ocean.”

Leading gemstone companies from around the world converge at Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show.

The Color Diamond Trading Co (Booth: AWE 5-G06) showcases a standout piece: a 1.03-carat orange natural coloured diamond with an exuberant hue. Such rare gems are highly sought after by collectors and jewellers.

The “Zhujie Pavilion” returns, featuring a wide array of freshwater pearls. The new “Henan Pavilion” introduces a group of exhibitors from the province, led by the Deputy Governor of Henan. The popular “Japan Pavilion” continues to draw attention with its top-grade pearls.

Knowledge enrichment and networking
The shows will be further energised by over 30 forums, seminars, and design parades, which will explore the latest design trends and facilitate professional exchange. The Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association is co-organising the “China Jewelry Design Trends and AI Empowerment Seminar” to delve into the latest AI developments and application to jewellery design.

Valentin Andres, a representative of FRED, an LVMH Group’s jewellery brand, will share expert trend insights at the Buyer’s Forum. As for industry standards and certification, the international Fei Cui standard will be unveiled by the Gemological Association of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification, and the World Jewellery Confederation.

Jewellery parades are staged at the fairground throughout the show.

Digital platforms
To enhance visitor experience further, the HKTDC Marketplace App and the official exhibition websites have introduced new features.

Buyers can now pre-register, verify their identities, and download certified e-badges through the App, enabling direct entry to the fairgrounds without queuing at the registration counter. The App’s “Scan2Match” feature allows visitors to scan exhibitors’ exclusive QR codes, bookmark preferred exhibitors, browse product information, and engage in online discussions with exhibitors during or after the exhibition.

The “EXHIBITION+” hybrid model will continue to serve buyers, facilitating purchases at the exhibition venues, and providing product and service searches on the “Click2Match” intelligent business matching platform and the “hktdc.com Sourcing” platform. Buyers can connect online with exhibitors until March 11 via “Click2Match.”

To ease buyers’ visits to both exhibitions, complimentary shuttle services will transfer buyers between the AsiaWorld-Expo and the city centre, including the HKCEC. For more information, please visit the exhibition websites.

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