xFusion Technologies International Co., Ltd. leverages its world-leading expertise in computing infrastructures and green solutions to optimise clients’ digital transformation

xFusion Technologies International Co., Ltd. leverages its world-leading expertise in computing infrastructures and green solutions to optimise clients’ digital transformation

xFusion Technologies International Co., Ltd. leverages its world-leading expertise in computing infrastructures and green solutions to optimise clients’ digital transformation

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The digital age has seen a rapid shift in productivity, moving from general to intelligent computing. This shift is essentially an evolution of computing. The emergence of ChatGPT in 2023 and Sora in early 2024 signifies the dawn of the era of artificial general intelligence, underscored by large model technology.

Vandia Yang, General Manager and President of Southeast Asia Region at xFusion Technologies International Co., Ltd., says, “xFusion helps enterprises foster their application and development of new quality productivity force and computing technology through its green computing solutions.”

Louis Zhao, President of xFusion International Business, echoes Yang’s sentiment. He notes, “2023 marked significant changes in the computing market. The intense exploration of artificial intelligence has sparked a surge in industry demand for green computing infrastructure. Meanwhile the current boom in artificial intelligence has driven a surge in demand for diversified computing infrastructure.”

By the end of the third quarter of 2023, China’s total computing market reached 200 EFLOPS, equivalent to 10 to the power of 18. Intelligent computing infrastructure accounted for 25 percent of this total, marking a 60 percent year-on-year increase from 2022.

Meanwhile, between the first half of 2022 and 2023, China’s AI server market grew by 54 percent. The total market capitalisation of listed AI companies rose to US$16.4 billion from US$3.1 billion.

“Data is the future,” says Yang. “We will focus on elevating computing, enhancing the multi-dimensional heterogeneity of computing, as well as further improving green computing solutions.”  

However, Zhao highlights that the current high demand for electricity, computing power density, space, and heat dissipation associated with energy consumption are part of the ongoing high carbon energy consumption. He says, “These factors conflict with the goal of green low carbon or carbon neutrality. The industry consensus is to increase computing power density and transform cooling methods for computing infrastructure. xFusion can contribute in these areas.”

To support its clients, xFusion has recently held a technical summit together with its partners in Hong Kong.

Zhao adds that xFusion’s strategic market positioning and direction ensure that the company’s products and services align with the sustainability requirements of the global ecosystem. “We help establish end-to-end security and reliability, fostering new quality productivity. This empowers enterprises to innovate their production through efficient application,” he adds.

Boosting Hong Kong’s computing market

Hong Kong faces significant hurdles in its quest to become a hub for AI supercomputing, primarily due to a lack of computing infrastructure, a critical component of productivity.

Yang identifies the main challenges for the intelligent computing centre in Hong Kong and Macau as a lag in data and applications, an ‘explosion’ of computing and energy consumption, and a talent cultivation and transformation gap.

Yang is confident that xFusion can offer bespoke solutions to local businesses undergoing digital transformation.  He  says, “We’ve established the Hong Kong and Macau Ecosystem Innovation and Service Centre to facilitate rapid innovation and application in Hong Kong’s digital economy.”

Hong Kong is earmarked as the international innovation and technology centre. The city will aid in the creation of an international digital port to meet the digital economy requirements of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). “Adhering to the principle of ‘value creation, shared faith, and mutual growth’, xFusion, in collaboration with partners such as Ms. Maisy Ho of HUISON NETWORK LIMITED  and Dr. Peter Lee Ka-kit of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, will foster the development of new quality productivity force and  AI native applications, stimulate industrial development and commercialisation, and collectively contribute to the GBA’s prosperity,” Yang adds.

xFusion and HUI SON NETWORK LIMITED have signed a MOU for collaboration. Front row, (left) Mr Vandia Yang and (right) Ms Ginny Man, Managing Director of HUISON NETWORK; back row, (left) Mr Liu Hongyun, Director and CEO of xFusion Technologies International Co., Ltd, and (right) Ms Maisy Ho, chairperson of HUISON NETWORK.

Assist in clients’ digital transformation 

Digital transformation presents a high threshold for enterprises, with the ‘last mile’ posing significant challenges. This complex process necessitates changes in organisational structure, business processes, and technology applications, leading many enterprises to grapple with a series of hurdles, according to Yang.

xFusion, a robust and well-structured company, has developed a deep understanding of computing infrastructures and green computing technology and starts with the origin of the business. “We assist clients in reconstructing their business design to achieve optimal end-to-end cost, efficiency, and financial results,” says Yang. xFusion has established a Digital Transformation Research Institute and launched the xSee Big Data & AI platform to facilitate end-to-end digital AI operations and decision analysis for customers. Committed to providing a reliable computing cornerstone, xFusion leverages its digital transformation expertise to help customers transform their operations successfully.

xFusion has launched its “2024 Asia-Pacific Partner Ecosystem”.

xFusion also prioritises workforce upskilling. The company has established a Global Training Centre targeting markets in Hong Kong and overseas. “We offer AI basic courses and laboratories to cultivate more local talent in computing infrastructure in Hong Kong and provide advanced training for overseas users,” Yang adds.

Yang continues, “xFusion is working towards establishing a global network of supply centres. Our goal is to efficiently deliver top-quality products to local areas, which not only serves our customers better but also boosts local employment.”

In the computing industry, which is an ecosystem in itself, xFusion actively promotes and integrates industrial collaboration. “We have achieved certification and integration, reference infrastructure, joint innovation, and other levels of collaboration with major product and solution partners worldwide,” Yang states. In the fields of Multi-Cloud and hyper-convergence, xFusion has launched the FusionOne all-in-one joint solution with Microsoft Azure Cloud and VMware VSAN.

Continuous innovation

xFusion envisions becoming a global computing provider, developing a worldwide infrastructure for scientists and energy applications. “To achieve this, we aim to recruit the world’s most competent experts,” says Zhao.

xFusion’s cornerstone is its continuous global investment in cutting-edge technological innovation. This investment enables the provision of high-quality computing products and services. “Our commitment extends to our customers and partners. Currently, xFusion boasts a team of thousands of exceptional engineers from around the world, who have contributed to our leading computing technology and innovation capabilities,” notes Zhao.

The company  has established nine core laboratories in specialised fields. These include thermal power (capable of operating at 55 degrees Celsius, compared to the 40 degrees Celsius limit of other companies), reliability (particularly under natural disasters like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, with in-house anti-seismic screws that can withstand various earthquake levels), green energy, and intelligent equipment. “In operations and maintenance, our team has developed AI robots to replace manual maintenance of heavy products, each weighing several tonnes,” adds Zhao.

xFusion also collaborates with top institutions and universities to boost core competitiveness through joint innovation. “This collaboration is why many customers trust xFusion products, given our two decades of expertise,” says Zhao.

With a global presence, xFusion has set up 11 research centres, seven regional offices, and six Global Technical Assistance Centres. The company has provided innovative computing solutions to over 10,000 customers in more than 130 countries and regions, including 221 Fortune Global 500 companies across key industries such as telecom, finance, internet, transportation, and energy.

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